I help people become entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a full-time employee with a dream or a current business owner needing support, we help you get from where you are to where you want to be. With a focus on strategy and education, your business isn’t the only thing that benefits from working with us. You become a stronger entrepreneur, ready to take on the next issue you face.

Specific services we provide below:

  • Business planning
  • Legal entity formation
  • Tax registration and filings
  • Ongoing bookkeeping
  • Other business set-up services

Stephen Buller is a CPA and has helped many people start businesses. He has the experience and knowledge to simplify the details of setting things up, so you can focus on delivering great value to your customers. Complete this Business Start-Up Application if you’re ready to learn how we can help you start your business.

Steve also runs an E-learning brand, I Quit My Job To Help You Quit Yours, and wrote a best-selling book by the same name. We create content and tools–much of which is free at his blog–to help anyone start and run a successful business with the ultimate goal of financial independence.

Our E-learning membership program provides step-by-step, actionable content to build an online knowledge business. This type of business leverages up-front work to create content that produces long-term, passive income. The basic steps to accomplish this are below:

  • Create a second steam of income through affiliate marketing
  • Confirm your values and motivations for building a business
  • Identify your strengths and area of passion
  • Determine your niche and how to reach it
  • Create content at different levels of value
  • Build infrastructure that scales your business effortlessly

Steve has his Masters in Professional Accounting and CPA license. After starting his career in public accounting with Ernst & Young, he worked with multiple tech and biotech companies in the Seattle area. He worked as the Financial Controller, directly under Bill White, CFO at Intellicheck Mobilisa, a public company traded on the NASDAQ.

Steve has started multiple businesses and operated one franchise. He has worked with dozens of start-ups and individuals to help them build businesses that they can be proud of. He leverages his experience to help you invest in yourself and make decisions that will drive momentum towards your vision.