Month: July 2016

Content Coming

I’d be surprised if this was the first time you’ve heard someone say “it’s difficult to be consistent with blogging.” Especially as your business changes from new connections, customers, and other demands on you, it’s easy for blogging to take a bit of a back seat. Also, as I’ve received feedback on my videos and content, I’m taking a little time to revamp the format.

However, I want to assure you that there’s more to come! One of the other reasons I wasn’t able to blog last month is because I’ve invested my “content-creation time” into writing some more in-depth books. These will be on the two main topics that I want to help people with: 1) helping people set up a business that can fulfill a need and 2) helping them get in front of patients who need them via digital marketing.

Once these books are done and I’ve improved my set-up to make even better content, you can expect more videos on how to set up a business, account for the financials and other moving pieces, and grow your business by getting in front of more customers!