Month: December 2016

Is it viable to be create a business that does copywriting?

There is money in any field… if you’re good. See this on Quora HERE.

The short, though 6-syllable, answer is abso-frikin-lutely. I can’t believe the amount of negativity this question has already received. You’re asking if it’s viable, and people are already telling you to quit. I can’t stand that crap.

Both the importance of and skill required in copywriting has increased over the past decades in my opinion. This is obviously hard to measure, but the reason I say it is that researches estimate the average American is exposed to around 5,000 ads per day now, which is more than ever in the past.

Importance — This means that, to get the word out for a product, you must have good copywriting on your side.

Skill Required — As with anything, the more competition, the higher the bar is raised, so you must practice your craft.

So, the longer answer is this: There is money in any field, but which field are you most likely to succeed in? In my business, we call this your wheelhouse. You have to play to your strengths. This is one of the steps in my business’s Start To Success Formula, but first I recommend you grab a free copy of my Amazon #1 best-selling book on creating what I call a knowledge business.

Because the other question is this: What kind of business do you want to run? Do you want to be a consultant, run an agency, or something else entirely? If you’re interested in creating content on something you’re passionate about, then that book, and the formula when you’re ready, will help a lot.

Don’t let haters who are afraid of a little competition dissuade you. But do listen to feedback. Sometimes we need to learn and get better. Sometimes we need to recognize that we may be in the wrong business.

Socrates said “know thyself.” Play to your strengths.