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I want to make just 1500 dollars more per month. I don’t want to work for anyone. What small business venture could pull this off? Any other ideas?

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It sounds like you have a full-time job, and your motivation is just to be FREE and still be able to pay the bills. Am I right? I was in your shoes not long ago. Fortunately… I quit my job to help you quit yours!

I promise I’ll give some very concrete business ventures, but first let me start by saying some things I recommend you DON’T do:

  • Don’t look for a “good industry”
    • Growing industries can offer opportunity but usually also increase competition.
    • Shrinking industries may be competitive at first but specialists can win and earn premium $ for their time.
  • Don’t quit your job today (or tomorrow)
    • The smartest thing you can do is learn, develop a plan, and create a second stream of income (multiple sources of income is Warren Buffet’s #1 piece of advice).
    • Once you have your proof of concept, you can quit with the comfort that you’ll be able to support it (and yourself)!

Now here’s what I recommend you DO do:

  • Focus on your strengths
    • Business guru Peter Drucker says we all must start with our strengths. This is the best chance we have to succeed.
  • Focus on your passion
    • No matter what you do, there are ups and downs as an entrepreneur. Work in something you enjoy, so you stay curious and put in the hard work necessary to succeed.
  • Leverage technology
    • Now-a-days, you can be your own boss and run a business with nothing but a laptop and internet connection.
    • You can live where you want, work when you want, and that $1,500 / month could let you live like a king.

Finally, here are some specific ventures I recommend you look at (trying to be humble, I save my company for last):

  • Tai Lopez is a social media genius and very successful entrepreneur. I’ve learned a lot from him. He has a very specific program for people to learn how to manage a company’s social media marketing campaigns. You could probably have a single client and charge $1,500 /month. I haven’t taken this specific program, but I’m sure it’s great, and it seems like just what you’re looking for. Find it here.
  • Sam Ovens is a consultant who helps other consultants and coaches get high-ticket clients. I took a course from him that taught all about packaging your services into a product with a defined outcome. He also teaches how to market and sell these packages. Again, you could manage a single client for $1,500 /month, or you could sell bigger projects ~$10K that last a few months. His website is here.
  • Steve Buller (that’s me) teaches people how to build online businesses through knowledge products. My brand, I quit my job to help you quit yours, shows you how to start making money on day 1 using affiliate marketing. Then, it shows you how to build a business for the long-term by identifying your niche, establishing yourself as an expert, and building products that solve your markets’ problems. If you got 100 people to join a membership platform that charged $15 /month, you’d hit your goal. Start by grabbing my #1 best-selling book here.

I hope this was useful! I like that you’re not focused on making millions, but that you just want the freedom to enjoy your life and still pay the bills. Seriously, that’s why I quit my job to help you quit yours. The beautiful thing is, once you start creating automated income, even in small amounts, it starts freeing you up more and more until you reach financial independence.

Not to overwhelm, but if you’re already interested in learning more about a membership business, check out our Start To Success Membership.