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Live Your Life: The Story About The Fisherman And The MBA… And The American System I Live In

Check out this video that tells a nice story about a fisherman and an MBA. When I initially heard it, it really made me think about life in a different way, and I hope it opens your eyes and encourages you to take charge and live the life you want.

The more I read, the more I know that the system is designed to make it easier for people with power and wealth to maintain power and wealth. It’s basically written in the constitution… that’s why, until 1913, Senators were not elected by the populace, but assigned by state representatives.

Rather than complain, I try to work within the system, but maybe I can work on the power of BOTH… Because I need to eat, but our current system is so broken that part of it is designed to keep us ignorant to just how broken it is.

In addition to reading, I’ve watched some scary documentaries recently. Check them out if you haven’t watched them yet:

There are plenty more, but I encourage you to engage and look into some of this stuff. We all need to open our eyes to the world around us, or we’re not going to be happy with what we see when we are forced to wake up.

Let me know how you liked the story!