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What Books Would You Recommend For New Business Managers In A Creative Industry (Tips, Strategies, Ideas, Etc.) For Finding New Customers

When it comes to marketing, there are some industry-specific considerations, and there are some fundamentals. You need to understand both to succeed. I would recommend starting with the fundamentals/strategies, then diving into tips and tactics, and then ensuring that you stay up-to-date. So here’s a three-stage plan:

  1. MBA IN A BOOK For non-business people, this is a great book to gain exposure to a lot of concepts that you’ll need to understand. Starting on page 167 is all about management, and 311 is all about marketing.
  2. Contagious and Riveted – These are still more fundamental-based, but they are more timely and go over a lot of what really captures peoples’ attention and makes things go viral.
  3. Online learning – To get even more timely and stay on top of things, take courses online. E-learning is exploding (my brand is), and the reason is that you can keep up with the pace of change in this world.

I hope these books are useful to you—they definitely have been to me. If you want to check out one more, you can get my Amazon #1 best-seller for FREE. It teaches people how to plan an online knowledge business and leap from employee to entrepreneur.