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Should I quit my job and pursue my passion?

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Short answer YES! Long answer… buckle up.

You’re in the exact same boat I was in a few years ago, except for your industry. I had about a decade of experience in finance, but I wasn’t excited about anything I was doing. I just happened to get my degree in business and get a job with Ernst & Young out of college.

Here’s the key to the longer answer: You don’t need to quit your job today. I suggest you follow a 3-stage path similar to what I did.

  1. Continue to work full-time, and educate yourself in your spare time on A) how to develop, and B) how you’ll make money doing it.
  2. Start to supplement your income by contracting individual jobs (find online at UpWork, Fiverr etc.) or finding a part-time gig.
  3. Once you’re confident in the proof of concept (that you can make enough money to live off as a developer), then quit and pursue it full-time.

It’s great that you have some money saved up. I had some as well, and I quit my job before I had completely replaced the income, because I had that proof of concept.

If your goal is just to get another job, but in developing, that should be easy! After you have some references from work you’ve done, just be willing to take a lower salary, because you lack experience, and work your way up.

One final perspective I’ll give: Charlie Munger stresses the importance of inversion thinking—instead of asking how to get what you want, ask how to get what you don’t want, and then don’t do it.

The alternative to your question is to do what most people do… Continue working as a salary slave, chained to your desk, unhappy and unfulfilled with the work you’re doing. And that’s no life that I want.

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