What Books Would You Recommend For New Business Managers In A Creative Industry (Tips, Strategies, Ideas, Etc.) For Finding New Customers

When it comes to marketing, there are some industry-specific considerations, and there are some fundamentals. You need to understand both to succeed. I would recommend starting with the fundamentals/strategies, then diving into tips and tactics, and then ensuring that you stay up-to-date. So here’s a three-stage plan:

  1. MBA IN A BOOK For non-business people, this is a great book to gain exposure to a lot of concepts that you’ll need to understand. Starting on page 167 is all about management, and 311 is all about marketing.
  2. Contagious and Riveted – These are still more fundamental-based, but they are more timely and go over a lot of what really captures peoples’ attention and makes things go viral.
  3. Online learning – To get even more timely and stay on top of things, take courses online. E-learning is exploding (my brand is), and the reason is that you can keep up with the pace of change in this world.

I hope these books are useful to you—they definitely have been to me. If you want to check out one more, you can get my Amazon #1 best-seller for FREE. It teaches people how to plan an online knowledge business and leap from employee to entrepreneur.

Author: Steve Buller

Steve owns the E-learning brand I Quit My Job To Help You Quit Yours. He teaches people how to leap from employee to entrepreneur: 1) Learn how to make money on day 1 through affiliate sales, and 2) Learn how to build an online business in an area you love to generate automated income until the end of your days. Steve has started multiple businesses and operated one franchise. His passion is leveraging his experience to help people get away from the toxic corporate environment and live a life of more impact, freedom, and fun. Steve has his Masters in Professional Accounting and is a licensed CPA in the state of Washington. After starting his career in public accounting with Ernst & Young, he worked with multiple tech and biotech companies in the Seattle area. He worked as the Financial Controller, directly under Bill White, CFO at Intellicheck Mobilisa, a public company traded on the NASDAQ.

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